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AAPS – 10 years running

I’ve been attending the AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) Annual Meeting and Exposition yearly with one or more clients for over ten years. This year in Chicago we had three clients at the meeting. The commonalities: They’re all there to get exposure, make connections, get new leads, catch up with key clients, etc. And […]

A cautionary tale

Maintaining a blog and keeping focused on it is hard. You may have heard one of us say this to you because we know it first hand. If you look at the date of this blog post and the previous blog post, you’ll see that somewhere along the way, we lost some of our Sinclairity. […]

Save Ferris

A recent lunch discussion among the Sinclair & Co. crew led to the observation that social networking has not been used much in recent mainstream movies.  Considering the role it plays in our day-to-day communications, it seems like Hollywood has some catching up to do. Since that conversation, I’ve been thinking about how some of […]

Struggling to Remain Relevant

The other day, I visited a small electronics store. It’s part of a national chain that one major newspaper recently described as “struggling to remain relevant.” I’m shopping for a portable DVD player. The store had four models on display behind the cash register. When I described my need to the clerk sitting on a […]

Crisis Communications 101

Former N.C. First Lady Mary Easley’s brief employment at N.C State University recently resulted in four involuntary departures – hers, the chancellor’s, the provost’s and the chairman of the board of trustees. Read more about the details about this story. While the feds explore whether Mary Easley’s husband, former N.C. Gov. Mike Easley, violated any […]