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I’m Sorry

I’m sorry So sorry Please accept my apology More than 50 years after pop singer Brenda Lee warbled her deep lament for hurting someone’s feelings, public apologies are more abundant than ever before. Indeed, so many apologies now hurl forth daily from politicians, celebrities, CEOS, celebrities, coaches and other public figures that there is at […]

Flashback Friday: Old-school ad

Back in the day, we didn’t send in ad materials via email, and we certainly couldn’t tweak the headline or correct a typo ten minutes before sending it in. This is a photo of an ad proof from 1998. Magellan Laboratories was the client (now a part of Catalent). And this ad was most likely […]

We’re Back!

Welcome back to Sinclairity! We’re glad to have you stop by. Since we’ve been out of the blogging game for a little while, we thought we’d say hello again. A couple of years back, we launched Sinclairity to offer our unique perspectives on marketing, branding and the day-to-day insights and experiences we have along the […]

2012 in Review

Who is feeling reflective this week? It’s hard not to look back at our professional and personal accomplishments of 2012 as the year comes to a close. We pressed ourselves to narrow down a pretty great year to one personal and one professional highlight to share during this time of reflection and rejuvenation. Emily Almasy […]

What we’re reading during the holiday break

One of the things the Sinclair & Co. team has in common is that we’re avid readers. Here are our picks for what we’ll be reading this holiday season. What’s on your reading list? Emily Almasy is one of the three of us who has caught the Game of Thrones bug and will continue reading: […]