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A message amid the wrappings

While cleaning up the detritus of the holidays—scraps of wrapping paper and packing lists—I discovered this card in the bottom of a J. Crew shipping box. I was immediately struck by the simplicity of the message and wished I’d come up with something half as eloquent for our own holiday greeting to clients. I struggled […]

Operators are not standing by

If you haven’t purchased your Barack Obama commemorative plate, the latest Time-Life Classic Soft Rock collection (Air Supply, anyone?), or you’re just a sucker for that smooth-talking Billy Mays, have I got a store for you: Or, do your part to save the planet (and $1 in gas) and visit Is this a great […]

In Good Company

Unlike a lot of agencies, at Sinclair & Co., we’re not big on awards. Sure they’re nice to receive. They give you a great excuse to do a press release. They permit you to call your work “award-winning” and keep a straight face. And the fact is, we have collected a few over the years. […]

‘Tis the season

We‘ve decked the halls at Sinclair & Co. Of course, there are no swags of pine boughs or red velvet bows for this crew. Around here, nothing says “It’s time to log onto Amazon, hide presents in your office, and plan those pre-work trips to Target” like this Charlie Brown-ish piece of pink tinsel. Happy […]