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Yet another reason to love Crate and Barrel

I received the news of Crate and Barrel’s plans to move to an expanded store from nearby Crabtree to Southpoint with mixed feelings. While I was excited to hear they were bringing their amazing furniture lines into our area, it’s not exactly in my neighborhood anymore.

So I was happy to accept an invitation to their Grand Opening event last night to see the new store with a good friend and glass of wine in hand.  The store is marvelous, spacious, well organized and stocked with a much wider range of products than could fit in the smaller Crabtree location.

After making my big $5 purchase last night (a spider strainer) I was handed a gift in a small signature Crate and Barrel box on my way out of the store.  It contained a lovely Iitalia candle holder and this card.

Crate&Durham CB-DC

We often talk with clients about their corporate giving philosophy and the benefits it brings to their brand. This is a very nicely executed example.  I like that it:

  • Cleverly uses the Crate&Barrel brand to create the Crate&Durham image
  • Shares that my purchase and those made through their first weekend will benefit the Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center.
  • They made their grand opening about their community.
  • They gave me a nice little gift.

Their gift and donation to Duke Children’s and the way it was executed made a retail store opening about more than retail sales, it become about me, my community and the hospital. Perhaps it was the Pinot, but the fun event, the gift, and the donation have strengthened my image of the Crate and Barrel brand.

So, if you are looking for an excuse to go this weekend, there you have it.