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Howdy! Come on in.

Maybe it’s the same thing that causes us to change our hairstyle or buy a new pair of shoes, but every-so-often we decide to update the home page of our Sinclair & Co. Web site.  We have kicked off a project to do just that, and can’t wait to share it with you in the coming weeks.

I’ve had several friends sell houses lately and move into new ones, and it made me think about how a Web site is online real estate.   And that your home page is like your front door: it’s the portal through which all your visitors pass and where they form their first impression.

A friend from Oklahoma says that she wants the front door of her home to say “Howdy! Come on in.”  as only an Oklahoman could.  That sentiment should apply just as much to your Web site’s home page.

Sinclair & Co. Home Page

So what will that mean for our home page?  I’ve outlined three criteria that our updated home page should meet:

  1. At a glance, visitors will understand who we are and the services we provide.  More than just with the copy on the page, we have some ideas for how to showcase recent work that should give a strong first impression.  Not to mention flexing our Web design and development skills.
  2. We’ll tell visitors what’s new with frequently updated copy, including links to this blog.
  3. The “Howdy!” welcoming factor will be there through those cheery, brightly-colored dots.

I don’t want to give away all the features of the new design, so I’ll charge you with this:  Visit your Web site.  It seems silly to say, but honestly, how often do you objectively critique your company’s Web site?

Look for that warm welcome and clear explanation of what you do. And make sure that your Web site’s front door looks like an entry to where your customers want to be.