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The Book

Coaching for DummiesI recently packed everything in my office to move it into another office. This meant lots of purging and organizing. And if you know me, you know it took some time.

In any case, I unearthed an interesting book in this process called Coaching & Mentoring for Dummies.

I did not purchase this book, and frankly have no idea where it came from. Maybe some strange direct mail piece I received? Maybe a hand-me-down from a previous Sinclair & Co. employee? Maybe it was a reference someone acquired to use in a creative concept. I have no idea.

My first reaction to reading the title was that really, if you have to read this book, you should not be coaching or mentoring anyone. Just leave it up to the professionals, because by reading this book, you’re calling yourself a dummy.

But after further reflection, I think maybe I SHOULD read this book. I figure that, regardless of what I was taught in school, or what knowledge or wisdom I’ve garnered over the years, I should – at the very least – be up to date on what the dummies in this world think is important to know.