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With a view of Harris Teeter

  We’re about to end our third month in the new office, and I think we’re pretty settled in.  We had some guests in from out-of-town this week, so we were properly inspired to unpack those last two boxes and organize the storage closet. Like all of our workspaces, my desk has two huge windows […]

Premium Media Placement?

One of the televisions at the gym Monday night was set on ABC World News.  At the top of the broadcast, the anchor announced that tonight’s was a special edition of the program, brought to us by one sponsor to limit commercial interruption. The lead story was about a new recommendation from the American Academy […]

What We Learned in the Move, Part 2

As previously reported, our recent office move provided lots of learning opportunities for those of us at Sinclair & Co. Most were not opportunities we’d care to enjoy again. But we learned some happy lessons, too. We learned how nice many of our clients, vendors and friends are. The folks who sent warm congratulatory emails […]