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Logo Brilliance

What makes a logo not just great, but iconic? Charlie Johnson at Graphic Design Blog shares 25 examples that will either make you go, “HMMMMM” or “Wow, I wish I’d thought of that.” Check it out. And get back to me if you knew there was an arrow in the FedEx logo.

It’s the relationship, stupid.

How are successful brands surviving—even thriving—in this recession? It seems one secret weapon is a change in mindset. Instead of making consumers loyal to the brand, make the brand loyal to the consumer. But here, Joel Rubinson, chief research officer of the Advertising Research Foundation, tells the story much better than I can.

Send me your resume…

Like a lot of companies, Sinclair & Co. has received a lot of resumes lately. Many are from new grads, some are from folks trying to break into the industry, still others are from people who have found themselves without a job but with lots of pertinent experience. Each is doing its best to stand […]