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Spray Mount. Remember this stuff?

spraymount_blogIf you work in an agency and have not had an encounter with Spray Mount, you aren’t doing it right.

I’m sure there are those of you who still use this stuff often, but I’ve managed to get mine down to once or twice a year.

Who still has a “box” sitting around to use with the Spray Mount? And special scissors, rulers and xacto knives that are already caked with sticky?

The digital world has made it easier to present concepts than ever before, but sometimes you still have to do a good old fashioned mock-up for the client. Brochures, mailers and other printed pieces need to be held and felt and worked with to be sure they’re right before production. What holds these mock-ups together? Spray Mount.

I had a coordinator once who learned the hard way not to use this stuff near her desk. All her pens, her calculator, stapler and papers were sticky for weeks.

And if you had to spray it more than once or twice (Lets do mock-ups of all four versions of the tri-fold pocket folder!) you were treated to a toxic cloud that would hang in the air for the rest of the day.

Also, sticky fingers.