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Operators are not standing by

If you haven’t purchased your Barack Obama commemorative plate, the latest Time-Life Classic Soft Rock collection (Air Supply, anyone?), or you’re just a sucker for that smooth-talking Billy Mays, have I got a store for you: Or, do your part to save the planet (and $1 in gas) and visit Is this a great […]

Holiday Gift-Giving Catalogs

Anyone need a last-minute gift idea? Well, do I have the catalog for you. I’m not sure which one it is, but I know I have it. In my living room is a paper grocery bag filled TO THE TOP with holiday shopping catalogs. Everything you can think of from toys to tools to food […]

FYI – I answer emails

I recently received an email marketing message from a local Public Relations professional. In this message, she touts her public relations expertise and says she’ll be sending out a series of short messages with a “PR Secret” once a day for the next four days. Her message ends with this sentence: As always, please feel […]