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Pinterest for b-to-b

One day last week I (not so) shamefully used “pinteresting” in a sentence — at work. And it wasn’t over lunch, chatting about my free time. I’ve recently set up a few agency Pinterest boards to showcase our work. It could be a good idea for your company, too. If you sell a product, say […]

When is a giveaway not just a giveaway?

If you’ve ever been to a tradeshow, you know that swag is all over the place. Bags, pens, notepads, stuffed animals, games, and trinkets of all kinds. Sometimes it seems like you’re at a carnival with all the little things you can pick up here and there. At a recent tradeshow it was apparent that […]

A cautionary tale

Maintaining a blog and keeping focused on it is hard. You may have heard one of us say this to you because we know it first hand. If you look at the date of this blog post and the previous blog post, you’ll see that somewhere along the way, we lost some of our Sinclairity. […]

Client Spotlight: Metrics

Back in the day, we had this great client named Metrics. They were easy-going and fun to work with, with a unique personality that set them apart from other pharmaceutical companies. But they were also smart, driven and had a great business plan to build an analytical lab in Eastern North Carolina. That was in […]

Logo Brilliance

What makes a logo not just great, but iconic? Charlie Johnson at Graphic Design Blog shares 25 examples that will either make you go, “HMMMMM” or “Wow, I wish I’d thought of that.” Check it out. And get back to me if you knew there was an arrow in the FedEx logo.