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What We Learned in the Move

Sinclair & Co. recently moved into a new office, which offered lots of opportunities for professional growth and life lessons. Lessons we NEVER WANT TO REPEAT.

Lesson One: Packing and purging 20 years worth of files, magazines, old Black Books and stock photography catalogs is not for the weak-willed or the weak-kneed.

Lesson Two: Announcing and coordinating an office move is a lot like putting a “Kick Me” sign on your back. Only it says “Gouge Me.” It’s pretty much guaranteed that somebody will discover how to charge $2,000 for some move-related expense. And the expense pales in comparison to the sheer pain involved with, say, deciphering a quote for data networking costs.

Lesson Three: “Free” + “craigslist” = Happiness. After about three days of unpacking, a sad pile of banker’s boxes had tossed themselves into our new lobby. They sat there…spent…having already served their only purpose in our lives (having us stuff them full of junk to move)…now, massing together in an irritating heap.

Shelley whipped together this eloquent bit of prose and posted it on a Wednesday morning around 9:30.

Moving? We have several FREE boxes.
We’ve moved and unpacked and have a bunch of good boxes available for FREE.

The mix includes at least 20 bankers boxes in varying sizes. We also have several 18″ x 18″ x 24″ boxes that need to go. There are a few other miscellaneous smaller boxes you can choose from.

Most of these boxes were purchased new for our move and are in great shape. Others are a bit older but still usable for your move or storage.

Act FAST. Any unclaimed boxes are going to recycling on Thursday, May 8. We would like you to pick up these boxes today, Weds. May 7 if possible.

Located on Oberlin Road across from Cameron Village. Call 833-9102.

By 11:00 a.m., the boxes were gone.

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