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What we’re reading during the holiday break

One of the things the Sinclair & Co. team has in common is that we’re avid readers. Here are our picks for what we’ll be reading this holiday season. What’s on your reading list? Emily Almasy is one of the three of us who has caught the Game of Thrones bug and will continue reading: […]

How we Celebrate

Tonight is the second of our two holiday celebrations here at Sinclair & Co. As we polish our bling and dig out our party dresses, we thought we’d share with you how we celebrate the holidays. The first party is for some of the most important people in our professional lives – our partners. These […]

Three rules for holiday emails

One of the projects we’ll be completing this week is crafting holiday greetings for our clients (mainly b-to-b providers) to email to their customers. It’s one of my favorite projects of the year, so here are three rules for sending a great holiday message. 1. Spread cheer! Share good wishes for your clients to enjoy […]

The first three rules of crisis management.

Many years ago, a neighbor in my subdivision was named jury foreman in a grisly murder trial. The details were horrifyingly salacious, and everyone in the county was talking about them. So too, unfortunately, was that neighbor. When it came to light in court that he had regaled his friends with gory details about evidence […]

Pinterest for b-to-b

One day last week I (not so) shamefully used “pinteresting” in a sentence — at work. And it wasn’t over lunch, chatting about my free time. I’ve recently set up a few agency Pinterest boards to showcase our work. It could be a good idea for your company, too. If you sell a product, say […]