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Struggling to Remain Relevant

The other day, I visited a small electronics store. It’s part of a national chain that one major newspaper recently described as “struggling to remain relevant.” I’m shopping for a portable DVD player. The store had four models on display behind the cash register. When I described my need to the clerk sitting on a […]

Crisis Communications 101

Former N.C. First Lady Mary Easley’s brief employment at N.C State University recently resulted in four involuntary departures – hers, the chancellor’s, the provost’s and the chairman of the board of trustees. Read more about the details about this story. While the feds explore whether Mary Easley’s husband, former N.C. Gov. Mike Easley, violated any […]

“Do we have a fax machine?”

Back in the day, while working as a reporter at the Winston-Salem Journal, I interviewed by phone an expert who kept referring to an official document he had in his possession. I asked for a copy, which he willingly agreed to share. “Great,” I said. “I’ll be right over,” preparing to drop everything to drive […]

It’s all about positioning

As someone who spent her formative childhood years growing up in Orlando in Mickey Mouse’s shadow, I simply ADORE Disney World. I love every cheesy, magical and aggravating thing about the place and try to visit at least once a year. My parents and I just went with our 3-year-old daughter, Katherine. When we checked […]